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Strategic guidance

Addressing strategic issues or outlining ambitions are only a first step: dealing with the specifics is an entirely different matter. Major change processes have a profound impact on your organisation. This requires careful guidance and perspective from professional, experienced consultants. At BDO we provide businesses and institutions with this guidance, both in the profit and non-profit sector.

A good strategy that engages with innovations in the field of work helps organisations to be more successful than those who take a more reactive attitude. Professional strategy support can make a difference for the continuity and/or growth of your organisation.

However, merely drawing up a strategy is not enough. Our advisers know from experience that boards of directors and MTs like making plans. because it is what they can fully control. Unfortunately, realising these plans is not always easy. Apparently, people are much less willing to change than was previously thought; research shows that people in changing situations often behave completely different from what they normally do. This requires different competencies in managerial staff. Are you able to explain to your people why an intervention is necessary at a particular moment in time? Many managers and even advisers are not able to answer this. It is one of the reasons why still 70% of change processes fail.

If we do want a change process to succeed, it is important that at all times we know exactly what forces are at work and where the obstacles and pitfalls lie. This is why BDO will remain at your side throughout the entire process. Our consultants know these types of processes as no other: they operate on an evidence-based principle;. We take you by the hand and work at your speed until we reach the end destination. Only when we reach your end destination, will we let go of your hand.

At BDO we always take the following steps with you:

  • Organisational analysis;
  • Strategy & innovation;
  • Process design;
  • Change management & implementation.

For many years BDO has worked together with prof. dr. Anton Cozijnsen (VU Amsterdam University) in the field of change processes within organisations and institutions. where we use theoretical insights and proven practical results. Thanks to 10 years of research and experience we now exactly why organisational changes succeed or fail. We have translated all this in a clear and strong approach that deals with both the hard side of the change (results, structures and processes) and the soft side (behaviour and leadership).


If you would like to embark on a major change process and would like to know how BDO can help you with this? Please contact our Strategy & Organization specialists.