Food & Flowers

Innovative entrepreneurship

Future-proof entrepreneurship

From the food processing industry to breeders and entrepreneurs in greenhouse horticulture; the industry is under pressure from major themes such as sustainability, labor shortages and high energy and transport prices. In addition, the sector is increasingly confronted with strict (international) laws and regulations. What can you do to be successful and compliant under current and future circumstances? And how can you achieve more financial benefits for your (family) business?

Capital-intensive industry

A lot of money is needed to 'float' companies in a capital-intensive industry like this, because they often have to finance their plans in advance. Anyone who wants to implement innovation in products will often first have to pay for the production of the end products themselves. Yet research shows that many companies are not familiar with subsidy options such as the innovation box or the Research and Development Promotion Act (WBSO). That is one of the reasons that this market is currently characterized by the purchase and sale of companies to, for example, investment funds and private equity. For family businesses in this sector, succession, with an eye for continuity of the company and harmony in the family, is an important issue.

What BDO offers

Are you curious whether you are eligible for subsidy and other incentive schemes, do you want to get started with sustainability or do you have other challenges? We frequently support entrepreneurs in the areas of valuation, working with migrant workers, sustainability reporting (CSRD) and specific tax regulations. Our specialists will help you with the transition to a sustainable, healthy and innovative living environment. You innovate, we assist.