Audit & Assurance

Get a grip on your returns and business risks

Get a grip on your returns and business risks

In today's dynamic environment there is a need for certainty. Risks of entrepreneurship and management must be transparent and manageable. Whether it concerns the annual accounts, the IT environment, sustainability reporting, municipal finances or, for example, subsidy accountability: society places high demands on the transparency of organizations and the information provided. It is therefore logical that organizations are looking for certainty.

What can BDO do for you?

BDO Audit & Assurance adds certainty to information and thus to organizations, entrepreneurs and society. We therefore contribute not only to the (financial) prosperity of individual organizations, but to the entire economic functioning of our society. BDO has a PIE license from the AFM. Our professionals are more than just independent auditors and do more than financial audits.

We offer a wide range of services. In addition to the financial audit of the annual accounts with the integrated IT audit, you can contact us for audits of ESG reports, but also for, for example, 'third party assurance' with regard to your IT environment. We also help you with practical support during an audit. In a way that suits your people, your culture and your business operations. These services include support in the field of reporting; DUTCH GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP and ESG. As a financial manager(s), you will receive critical, but above all, thoughtful professionals.