Housing assocations

Well-founded choices for a financially responsible strategy

BDO for housing associations

Housing associations have an important social role. Implementing it is not easy and the playing field has not exactly become easier in recent times. The demand for new homes has increased explosively, homes must be made more sustainable and in the meantime, financial options are limited by strict laws and regulations. The complexity is clear.

What can BDO do for housing associations?

Our experienced specialists support and advise housing associations on a wide variety of assignments. We answer questions such as: how do we link strategy to financial management? How does this management contribute to achieving our objectives?

As a market leader, we know the sector like no other and we believe it is our job to share knowledge. We identify developments and organize theme meetings for this purpose, inform you through current white papers and we hold current affairs days, for example in response to changed legislation and regulations. We also co-facilitate the annual Aedes Benchmark.

BDO helps housing associations

Our professionals know the challenges you face as a housing association in these times. Together with colleagues in other branches of the public sector, we translate current developments and insights into targeted advice and practical support for your organization.