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How do I keep my healthcare institution financially healthy in these challenging times? Modern healthcare is a demanding profession: institutions must not only provide high-quality care, but operate cost-efficiently and safe. The government is making budget cuts, competition is growing and the consumer is becoming more and more critical by the day. How do healthcare institutions ensure their viability in these challenging times? Professional advice can help you choose the right course.

Social relevance and smart choices

At BDO we believe that healthcare institutions are now in a position to increase their social relevance with smart commercial choices. an objective that is the constant focus of our Healthcare Sector Group specialists. Together with other public sector colleagues we translate current developments and insights into advice and practical support for your organisation.


BDO can help you in areas such as:


If you would like to know how BDO can help your healthcare institution? Please contact one of our Healthcare Sector Group specialists on telephone number +31 88 236 48 03 to arrange a meeting without any obligation.