Tax & Legal

We are BDO Tax & Legal. Better together

Tax & Legal

We are BDO Tax & Legal. Better together.

A legal problem is often not just a legal problem. And a tax question regularly requires more than a tax perspective. That is why you will find Tax & Legal services together at BDO. As one team, our experts use each other's knowledge and qualities.


A team 

with short lines

At BDO Tax & Legal the lines are short. This enables us to tackle organizational issues from different angles. We do not provide unnecessarily thick reports, but offer concrete answers and appropriate solutions. And ensure that they are implemented successfully. An approach that customers experience as a relief. 

A team with  


We go for the profession and for the customer. Even before you, as an entrepreneur or director, start to worry, we are there for you. From various points of view, we protect organizations from risks, but we also encourage them to seize opportunities. With an eye for people and society.

A team with the customer

We speak the language of our customers and stakeholders. We also form a team with them. Their business is our business, so we won't leave until there is a solution. This ensures relationships that last, strategic goals that are shared and paves the way for success.