Family businesses

Our advisors help you with issues surrounding strategy, business succession and the family statute

Family business in balance

Family businesses demonstrate time and time again that they have a unique distinctive character through family/shareholder involvement, long-term vision and entrepreneurship. A good balance between family and business interests is essential for a family business. Characteristic of the family business is the unique combination of business with family dynamics. This is their strength, but sometimes also a challenge. The balance between ownership, the company and the family is the basis for business continuity. It varies per family business to what extent family interests are taken into account in relation to future ambitions and developments. But how do you do that if emotional arguments also influence business operations?

Continuity of the family business

Every company is busy responding to the impact of the rapidly changing world on the organization, processes and employees. As an entrepreneur in a family business, you always approach strategic issues and choices to be made from the context and history of the enterprising family. What is the family strategy, which family values ​​are influential and how do you translate these into the business strategy?