Civil society organisations

Transformation is the answer

BDO for civil society organisations

Achieving objectives, making a difference and adding value. In short, that is what social organizations want. The playing field for social organizations is constantly changing and it is necessary to keep pace.

When do you do it right for your stakeholders? Civil society organizations often have relatively diverse stakeholders and operate in a politically sensitive playing field. The answer varies per stakeholder. If you, as an accountant or advisor, do not understand these specific characteristics of the sector, the chance of a successful collaboration is nil.

What can BDO do for social organizations?

The aim is to contribute to the vitality of social organizations, which in our view are indispensable as a connecting factor in the citizen-business-government triangle. The central theme in service delivery is transformation. In our view, every organization must take the five drivers of transformation into account:

  1. Dynamics
  2. Goal
  3. Sustainability
  4. Digital
  5. Donate or Invest

BDO helps social organizations

BDO has access to a wide range of specialized accountants, tax specialists and advisors for social organizations. In addition, the lines of communication with specialists in sub-areas are exceptionally short. BDO supports you in a pragmatic way.


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