• Civil Society Organisations

Civil Society Organisations

How do I make the transition to a new, professional operational management structure in my civil society organisation? Civil society organisations are functioning more and more like a commercial businesses. which is inevitable: spending cuts, a reduction in government involvement and changes in society require a business-like approach. This includes that you can specify the added value of your products and services. Such a change requires professional support by experienced advisers. Together with other public sector colleagues, we translate current developments and insights into targeted advice and practical support for your organisation.

Multidisciplinary and proactive approach

At BDO we can help you with your transition to a new operational management structure. Our Civil Society Sector Group specialists can draw on many years of experience in the social sector and know what you need to remain strong for the future. We tackle issues in a multidisciplinary manner and apply an efficient, proactive and pragmatic work method. Our good contacts with regulatory bodies such as government departments and sector and umbrella organisations ensure that we are fully aware of any developments and are a true sparring partner.

Organisations our specialists work for include:

  • welfare and social service providers;
  • cultural organisations;
  • fundraising agencies;
  • independent administrative bodies (NDPBs);
  • sector representatives and interests groups;
  • scientific research institutes;
  • sports organisations.


If you would like to know how BDO can help your civil society organisation? Please contact one of our Civil Society Sector Group specialists on telephone number +31 30 284 98 00 to arrange a meeting without any obligation.