Working together on social challenges

BDO for the government

The responsibilities and number of tasks of governments are increasing. Challenges are becoming more complex and the demand  for accountability, participation and transparency is increasing. In a world in which social challenges are becoming increasingly important.

What can BDO do for the government?

Together we look at the major social challenges, for example in the areas of climate adaptation, housing shortage and energy transition. How is the collaboration organised, what is the multi-year financial perspective and how do we achieve a future-proof organization that is optimally in control?

We work closely with our colleagues from other branches of the public sector. In this way, we translate current developments or insights into targeted advice and practical support across the board.

BDO helps government organizations

Whether it concerns municipalities, provinces, social work companies, safety regions, water boards: they all face similar challenges. How do you remain organizationally and financially strong? By working well together and ensuring good administrative processes in strategic partnerships. In addition, look for the best ways to ensure changes run smoothly.