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Major social challenges in the construction and real estate sector

Companies in the construction and real estate sectors face significant social challenges, such as building a hundred thousand homes per year, getting rid of gas by 2050 and raising the dikes due to rising sea levels and abundant domestic precipitation. Add to this the urgency of affordable housing and reducing energy consumption in buildings. And this in times of scarcity of labor and materials.

In addition to these social tasks, the sector also faces other challenges. For example, the digital transformation, with the most pressing points of attention being the increasing cyber threat, optimizing the IT environment, attention to data quality and risk management. Crucial in this sector in which complex and valuable projects are realized with many chain partners. These are all major challenges, in a world governed by increasing legislation and regulations surrounding CO2, nitrogen, ESG, taxation and quality assurance. This can make it challenging for entrepreneurs in the construction or real estate industry to realize ambitions and increase returns.

What BDO offers

Our specialists have years of knowledge of the construction and real estate sector and work in multidisciplinary teams. We also specialize in services for family businesses in this sector with special attention to business succession, estate planning and financing. We pay attention to all stakeholders and continuously identify possible improvements so that your ambitions are realized.

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Construction sector is struggling with image problem among young generation of employees

The construction industry faces challenges, including inflation, supply chain issues, rising financing and material costs, and increasing legislation and regulations. Recruiting and retaining young professionals is an increasing challenge. Labor market communication does not appear to match the expectations of young people. Nevertheless, half of the construction companies surveyed by BDO plan to expand their workforce by 2023. This is evident from new global research by BDO. What are the opportunities and challenges for construction employers?
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