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Real Estate & Construction

How do I get more insight into the financial and tax opportunities in the construction and real estate sector?  What is the best way to take advantage of these opportunities? The Dutch construction and real estate sector is in full swing.

After a number of turbulent years in the construction industry, things are heading in the right direction. The number of building projects is rising significantly and. Construction companies are focusing on the future and showing steadily improving turnover figures.

Challenges in the real estate sector vary greatly between cities. For example, Amsterdam is facing a shortage in office space while The Hague is dealing with a surplus of (government) offices. Housing shortages are a more general problem. In various cities in the Randstad area these shortages are quite substantial and housing prices are reaching unprecedented levels.

For both construction and real estate businesses the current situation also offers opportunities, for example, with regard to sustainable construction and transformation. Real estate investors from outside the Netherlands show more and more interest in the Dutch real estate market. Housing associations need to change direction and seek collaboration with commercial parties.

Our services

At BDO we have a wealth of in-house knowledge and experience in the Dutch construction and real estate sector. Our Real Estate & Construction Sector Group specialists know exactly what challenges you are facing. We have multidisciplinary teams where we combine this knowledge with expertise in accountancy, tax advice, municipal levies, financing and organisational issues. Which means that no issue is too complicated for us and we can act as an excellent sparring partner for you.

Each year we organise BDO Construction Circles for clients and business relations at various locations in the country.


If you would like to know how BDO can help your organisation in the construction and real estate sector? Please contact one of our construction and real estate advisers to arrange a meeting without any obligation.

Download our Construction leaflet (in Dutch) Collaboration on a solid basis.

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