• Board Support

Board Support

Effective, responsible leadership is crucial for the success of any organisation. which is why a supervisory board supervises the quality of the management board. But who checks the quality of the members of the supervisory boards, and how? BDO can help you. By using our Board Support services, our consultants help your supervisory board members meet the standards of today.

These standards have become stricter than ever; nowadays the quality of internal supervision is high on the social agenda. Against this background it makes the role of supervisory board members an important one. They are both internal supervisors and important advisers of the management board.

Independent advice

At BDO we understand that as a member of a supervisory board or manager you need an expert, ethical and independent adviser who can constructively think alongside you. At the same time you are looking for practical support, for example with regard to the selection of candidates for your supervisory board. You will want to make agreements about issues such as provision of information, powers, formal and informal discussions and compliance with the corporate governance code.

Members of supervisory boards are more and more expected to self-evaluate and reflect on their own performance. Behavioural experts at BDO help carry out such self-evaluation and advise how to deal with weak areas in the structure and culture of your organisation. But the supervisory board's responsibility also lies outside your organisation. A good relationship with your various stakeholders is essential, as is complying with laws and regulations, however complex these are. These are also areas our advisers help you with.

Questions about leadership and management

Questions BDO can help you with include:

  • To what extent does our organisation meet the demands of good governance?
  • How do we make sure that our managers and supervisory board members work together more effectively?
  • To what extent does the culture and conduct within our organisation correspond with our objectives?
  • How do we create the best possible complete and well-balanced team of managers and supervisory board members?

Our advice to your organisation is always based on the latest insights. Our advisers make sure that the activities of the supervisory board are in line with the most recent corporate governance code. Our services are aimed at both one-tier and two-tier board models and we use soft control to bring your organisation's culture in line with the long-term objectives, standards and values of your organisation.

Our services

A selection of our services:

  • Provide support for periodic self-evaluation of the supervisory board members
  • Prepare an organisation-specific corporate governance code
  • Evaluation of your organisation against the current code
  • Act as intermediary in and reflect on the cooperation between managers and supervisory board members
  • Integrity and fraud investigations
  • Provide support for recruitment of managers and supervisory board members


If you have any questions about your board structure or you would like to critically examine the functioning of the corporate governance? Please contact us.