• Personnel and Payroll Administration

Support and advice on issues relating to HR and personnel matters

A clear and flawless personnel and payroll administration is essential for any organisation. Due to extensive automation and digitisation the possibilities are rapidly expanding. The classic, paper, wage slip is a good example. Instead of in an envelope it is now mostly sent to the employee electronically, often in a personal online file.

Practical questions

Does your personnel and payroll administration function in accordance with modern standards? Are you sure you are taking full advantage of expenses allowances and subsidies you are entitled to? BDO can help you with all practical issues surrounding HR and personnel matters. For example:

  • When and how often can I extend temporary contracts with my employees?
  • Where and how can I get reimbursed for my employees on maternity leave?
  • What are the tax rules for providing lease cars for my employees?
  • How do I make sure that I take full advantage of the work-related expenses scheme?

Support at all levels

BDO can help you with any level of support. For example, you may want us to help your administrator or controller with updating records and amendments, or we can take charge of all your payroll processes at a minute's notice. or something in between, there are all kinds of options.

We also act as your adviser: our employees closely follow trends and developments in the HR sector and know all the laws and regulations relating to personnel and payroll administration as no other. If there are any changes ahead you should know about, we inform you immediately. Making you confident that your administration complies with the current rules and standards.


If you would like to know what BDO can mean for your personnel and payroll administration? Please contact our employees to arrange a meeting without obligation.