• Transport & Logistics

Optimal revenue for your transport business

What logistics flows could be improved? In what areas can I realise savings? In transport and logistics it is all about efficiency. From having control over your operational management such as your personnel's time sheets to strategical issues such as the choice of a business location. Every saving made with regard to fuel choices and equipment costs will help your revenue. Has your organisation been thoroughly examined by an expert to see where improvements and savings are possible?

Financial specialist in transport and logistics

At BDO we have been working for transport and logistics businesses for many years and we have hundreds of clients in this sector. This is the reason you can rely on our financial expertise and are assured of insight in the latest sector knowledge. Our specialists will help you make the right choices for your organisation, whether it is a specific issue or a general overall check on your organisation. We support businesses with growth ambitions as well as businesses in dire straits that will do anything to survive.

Practical solutions for your transport business

BDO offers various practical solutions to get your business on the right track and keep it there. We can help you in areas such as:

  • cost price calculations for insight into rates;
  • subsequent costing for insight into revenue per vehicle;
  • insight into performances by business comparisons (benchmark);
  • efficient and correct payroll processing;
  • control over time sheets;
  • advice on working with self-employed contractors
  • advice on licences, subsidies, VAT;
  • any other tax advice.


If you would like to know how BDO can help you with your transport business? Please contact our specialists to arrange an introductory meeting without any obligation.