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How do pharmacies remain profitable in a price-driven market? It is a question pharmacies in the Netherlands are finding difficult to answer. Healthcare insurers have 'free rein' and focus on their purchase prices. which puts substantial pressure on the margins of medication. More and more pharmacies are struggling to survive.

There are, however, opportunities and smart ways to remain profitable. for example, by entering into a joint venture or a full merger. More and more pharmacies are trying to increase efficiency in their business operations whereby they outsource (part of) their administrative processes. Over recent years another trend has been that more and more pharmacies are selling up.

Our services

For many years BDO has been a market leader in services to pharmacies. Our specialists know the sector like the back of their hand and follow developments closely. Our extensive customer portfolio of more than 300 pharmacies enables us to quickly ascertain how your business performs in relation to the competition. This knowledge also allows us to be the perfect sparring partner for any strategic issues in your business.

Our comprehensive expertise in accountancy ensures that we can deal with any aspect in your business operations. Our advisers can support you effortlessly in every purchase, sale or joint venture. Our accountants can also take care of (all) your administrative processes. If there are any specific issues, such as logistics, we can instantly engage parties from our network. And our tax solutions ensure that you do not pay too much tax.

If you want to have a quick look at the improvement potential in your business or you would like to know whether your improvement plans are feasible? you can use our QuickScan to receive our conclusions within a week.


If you are interested in our QuickScan or you would like to know how BDO can help your pharmacy? Please contact one of our Pharmacies Sector Group advisers to arrange an introductory meeting without any obligation.