• Partnerships


At BDO the relationship with stakeholders is a key ingredient for the successful functioning of our organisation. We not only incorporate it in our daily advice practice, but also in our involvement with public debates and in partnerships we establish with other organisations.

The manner in which we work together in our partnerships can vary greatly. For example, BDO is an active partner of Ajax and PSV. Our partnerships also include the Bart de Graaff Foundation and the Tilburg University. What all partnerships do have in common is our role: together with other partners we are committed to sharing knowledge and experience.

Partnerships in various fields

BDO currently has strategic partnerships in various fields, including sports, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and (scientific) research.

Read more about the parties we currently work with:

More information

If you are interested in our other social partnerships and our CSR policies? Please download our (Dutch only) annual social report.