By definition, legal issues are sensitive: there is much at stake and it often concerns people. In the event of dismissals, reorganisations or doubt about employment terms, you need expert and diligent support. If you are about to sell or restructure your business, you want to have honest and professional advice and adequate support.

At BDO we understand the sensitivities involved in legal issues. Our legal experts have extensive experience in working with large and (medium-sized) businesses, both in the public and private sector. We also work actively to expand our knowledge of employment law and business law. As a partner of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam we maintain our professional knowledge and at the same time improve the link between education and practice.

Legal issues

Issues concerning employment law and business law our legal experts can assist you with include:

  • Dismissal (of both individuals and groups)
  • Remunerations and redundancy package
  • Employee participation issues (employment representation (OR))
  • Individual and collective employment terms
  • Takeovers and restructuring
  • Commercial contracts
  • Conflicts between shareholders (mediation and advices)

Every legal issue is preceded by a question. Our legal experts can help with that as well. That is why we always choose a broad approach: your legal question is our starting point, but we remain alert to any other issues that may apply to your organisation. We take care of all your legal concerns, provide practical advice and support you with great care.

We also have a close cooperation with other BDO-disciplines like our Tax department. For example, we can rely on their knowledge regarding cross border employment.


If you have a legal issue you are concerned about and would like to know how we can help? Please contact us for an introductory meeting without any obligation. We are happy to help.