BDO Foundation

The BDO Foundation, its official name Stichting BDO Fonds, was established on 1 April 2009 with the aim of firmly embedding corporate social responsibility within BDO and applying more structure to the social commitment already established at various of our establishments. The foundation has five board members, whose tasks include control of the BDO Foundation budget. BDO Holding B.V. sets the budget for a period of three years after the foundation's board has submitted their budget application.

The BDO Foundation was approved by the Dutch tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).

BDO Foundation objectives

The BDO Foundation is committed to support social projects and initiatives, both nationally and internationally. This support may be either financial or in-kind. This is how the BDO Foundation contributes to a better world. Charitable organisations already receiving support this way include: Edukans Foundation, the Dutch cancer charity KWF, Tour du ALS Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, the Dutch Youth Sports Fund and Ronald McDonald House charities.

Main policy features

The BDO Foundation is predominantly aimed at improving social welfare. The BDO Foundation does this in a number of ways:

  • Half of the (annual) budget is spent on projects of BDO employees who demonstrated their social involvement in a particular project. Employees can apply to the Foundation for financial contributions. The financial contribution will be made to the charitable organisation or the good cause the application was submitted for. This can be either inside or outside the Netherlands.
  • The BDO Foundation uses the other half of the (annual) budget to support a charitable organisation that BDO's name is associated with. Since 2016 this has been the Bart De Graaff Foundation. The Bart de Graaff Foundation helps 'Bikkels' (people between 15 and 35 years of age with a life-changing impairment) start up their own business. BDO may call themselves Bikkel Partner for the next two years. This means that BDO coaches four Bikkels from various disciplines and makes a financial contribution to the start up of their own businesses.
  • Occasionally, a financial contribution is made to aid organisations who provide emergency aid and set up rebuilding projects in countries hit by natural or humanitarian disasters, such as Haiti and Pakistan.

BDO Foundation organisation

The board meets every eight weeks. During the board meetings new applications are discussed and, if applicable, granted. Emergency applications can be discussed sooner, these are dealt with by email in between meetings. which process is coordinated by the secretary. Applications are granted on the basis of a decision-making model designed by the board. taking into consideration any similar applications previously submitted. Progress regarding the collaboration with the Bart de Graaff Foundation and any related action points are also discussed.

External parties are not able to apply to the BDO Foundation. The foundation only concentrates on CSR projects in which BDO employees take part and on the annual corporate CSR project (the Bart de Graaff Foundation).

Board composition and remuneration policy

All board positions are appointed for an office term of three years, that may be extended once. The board functions are unpaid functions without any other remunerations. The board currently consists of the following members (f.l.t.r):

  • Bram Cornelissen, general board member (tax adviser, BDO Amstelveen)
  • Hanneke Mols, general board member (Marketing, Communication & Sales)
  • Hans Lankhuijzen, treasurer (partner at BDO Ede)
  • Henk Smeenge, chair (partner at BDO Arnhem)
  • Ard Lucassen, secretary (senior consultant O&C, BDO Advisory)


If you would like to contact the BDO Foundation? Please send an email or contact one of the board members via BDO Eindhoven, Dr. Holtroplaan 15, 5652 XR Eindhoven, the Netherlands, telephone number: +31 40 269 81 11.
BDO Foundation Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number (RSIN): 820289371.

Financial accountability

View the 2015 BDO Foundation annual report (in Dutch) that contains reports on the BDO Foundation activities of that year. Any earlier annual accounts can be requested by email.