International advice on French/Dutch matters

BDO Netherlands and BDO France have been working together for a long time providing you with advice on French/Dutch cross-border matters. At the BDO French Desk we have combined all our expertise in this field.

At the French Desk we can help you in areas such as:

  • advice and support on acquiring real estate in France;
  • advice and support on establishing an SCI;
  • advice and support on emigration to France or from France to the Netherlands.
  • international succession planning.

Additional services

Our services not only cover tax advice and support but include civil matters. Our extensive network enables us to offer additional services (such as opening a bank account or drawing up a will). The French Desk can relieve you of all your concerns and provide a total service package. which is all explained in the French desk brochure. Working from the Netherlands, the French Desk team members are Toine van Beers (partner) and Tamara Peters van Neijenhof (senior manager). Working from France (Paris), the team members are Edouard des Raismes (manager) and Jacques Saint-Jalmes (partner). All four are very experienced in the field of international advice and in particular regarding French-Dutch matters.


For more information, please contact our specialists or send us an e-mail.

Download the English brochure about the French Desk