Doing business in Belgium

The Netherlands and Belgium are important trading partners. After Germany and France, the Netherlands is the most important sales market for Belgian goods and services and vice-versa the Netherlands is the largest exporter to the Belgian market, closely followed by Germany. offering a multitude of opportunities for businesses in the border region. If businesses want to take full advantage of these opportunities, it is recommended that they are and stay well informed about the various laws and regulations that are in force in the two countries.

The advisers at BDO Netherlands and BDO Belgium closely follow developments in their respective countries and constantly exchange the information with each other. This is how they support businesses in their cross-border ambitions. The advice group for cross-border issues can help you in areas such as:

  • legal and bookkeeping support and accountancy issues;
  • support in cross-border tax and social security contributions issues and personnel matters;
  • advice on cross-border mergers, acquisitions and restructuring;
  • support in selecting the legal form and the start up of the business;
  • advice on and optimisation of the financing structure;
  • advice on cross-border pension issues;
  • advice on Dutch emigrants to Belgium (Dutch tax exiles living in Belgium) and returning emigrants;
  • advice on succession planning and capital transfer for Dutch tax exiles living in Belgium.


If you would like to know what our advisers can do for you? Please do not hesitate to contact them.