Doing business inChina

Over the past decades China has put itself firmly on the map as one of the most important emerging economies. Initially as producer of consumer products but in recent years the Chinese economy is rapidly developing as an important knowledge-based economy. In the future the Chinese economy and Chinese market will only become more and more influential. Supported by the WTO accession, a government committed to stable economic growth and a more open attitude, will ensure that China's enormous growth potential will be utilised in the coming years.

The region offers a multitude of opportunities for Dutch businesses. Whether it concerns trading with a Chinese business, starting up a (subsidiary) business in China or taking over a business, we are happy to support you, of course in collaboration with our local colleagues of BDO China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

A European company doing business in China

If a business is contemplating making the move to China, we are happy to provide guidance in assessing all aspects of this move, including: creating a strategy and setting realistic targets, choosing the correct structure, tax planning, tax compliance, choosing the right location, attracting personnel and selecting and implementing bookkeeping and reporting systems. In general we provide you with all the necessary support in making the move to a new market. We support companies already doing business in China in their continued growth and development of the Chinese company.

A Chinese company doing business in Europe

If a Chinese business is contemplating making the move to Europe, we provide support in choosing the right targets, negotiating with management, setting up the structure, operational and financial due diligence, valuations, tax advice, tax returns and audit and assurance.

Benefits of the China Desk

BDO's China desk is a combination of European and Chinese colleagues and it has extensive experience in doing business in China. Some of our colleagues speak fluent Mandarin and have either lived or worked in China. We also have ample experience in supporting Chinese businesses who want to join the European market. In collaboration with the BDO offices in China and its neighbouring countries, the China Desk provides all the support that is needed to do business in the China region, irrespective of whether it concerns advice, planning or compliance.

The areas we support you in, include:

  • Corporate finance:
    • guidance on flotation and support with regard to reporting and accountancy;
    • mergers, acquisitions and joint-ventures;
    • financial and operational due diligence.
  • Tax advice:
    • local taxes;
    • international taxes;
    • tax planning;
    • expats.
  • Outsourcing activities or business elements Audit and Assurance assessment:
    • valuations;
    • audits and compliance with local regulations
  • Restructuring

Doing business elsewhere in Asia

The team and our colleagues in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have the required knowledge and connections, we can also support companies who have ambitions of doing business elsewhere in Asia. BDO stands out because of its practical and pragmatic approach and provides you with support of the highest level.


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