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Fast and practical advice on personnel matters

Employees form the human capital of your organisation. It is therefore not a surprise that employees are usually given a great deal of attention. The HR Services team advises businesses on all kinds of personnel issues.

We often see that businesses are having to deal with increasingly more complex issues with regard to personnel. For example, with regard to the employment market (How do I attract sufficiently qualified employees?), remuneration of employees (What is our employee benefits package like? What tax (im)possibilities are there in this respect?), leadership (Are our managers able to guide our employees in a proper and motivating manner?) and personnel and payroll administration (How have we set up our payroll administration? What method do we use to manage our personnel files?). The legislator, the employment market, but also new generation employees are the most important reasons for this.

You are also increasingly faced with Dutch employment laws (including the Work and Security Act, employment termination law, the Works Councils Act and employment contracts), and Dutch tax legislation (work-related expenses scheme (WKR), use of flexible workers, such as self-employed contractors, and cross-border employment). These (sometimes complicated) subjects require specialist knowledge that is not always automatically available within your organisation.

Integral approach

In order to provide you with optimal support and facilitation, we have brought all BDO's services in respect of HR advice together under HR Services. The unique collaboration from within various BDO disciplines, enables us to answer your personnel questions from an integral, and also pragmatic, approach.

We offer an HR services package where you can determine what you need: from smart online solutions for your personnel files to complete outsourcing of your HR function. In other words, our services range from support to complete outsourcing.

Our services package:

  • payroll administration
  • payroll tax form
  • employment law
  • file management
  • collective employment agreement law
  • works councils
  • income tax and national insurance check
  • work-related expenses scheme
  • expat arrangements
  • talent management programmes
  • leadership programmes
  • development of terms and conditions of employment policy
  • development of performance management systems
  • coaching

Like to make an appointment?

Would you like to meet without any obligation and exchange ideas about the possibilities within your organisation to make (the implementation of) your HR policy even more professional? Or do you have a specific employment-law question, an issue regarding your payroll administration or tax and social insurance contributions)? Why not invite one of our specialists to an introductory meeting:

We are happy to provide you with new insights into the possibilities and benefits of a professional HR policy.

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