Reputation Management

A carefully acquired reputation is no longer guaranteed to remain intact. as society is becoming more and more critical. The trust in traditional institutions is eroding and social media helps to expose incidents.

Dealing with fraud

Unfortunately, fraud is not completely preventable. It is therefore important that your business knows how to deal with it. For example, by means of sound investigations, and clear and effective communications. BDO is able to resolve highly complex issues within your business. And also helps numerous organisations to prevent fraud or undesired behaviour. By using hard and soft control measures.

BDO can help you with:

  • Identifying and managing fraud risks;
  • Developing a fraud control policy appropriate for your organisation;
  • Providing a clear picture of breaches in relation to laws and regulations and the reporting of the facts and circumstances;
  • Providing support in financial or organisational disputes in respect of legal procedures;
  • Resolving complex IT issues, and collecting, securing and analysing (large quantities) of data, and electronic data research.

Tax avoidance measures

Tax avoidance is not a punishable offence, but is politically sensitive. BDO is not only aware of the possibilities and developments, but know alternatives that involve less risk to your reputation.

BDO can help you with:

  • Identifying and mitigating tax risks;
  • Performing a QuickScan on the current structure;
  • Suggestions for alternative measures;
  • Restructuring;
  • Implementing optimum structure.

The power of data

Big data creates opportunities but may also produce threats. Sensitive information can easily find its way into the public domain. Cyber attacks are the order of the day. Proper data management is therefore one of the pillars of future success, including in the area of taxation. Business performances do improve if you manage to get more value from data.

BDO can help you with:

  • Translating strategy into measurable information from systems (Business Intelligence);
  • Applying Data Analytics to segment and predict;
  • Performing a QuickScan on tax accounting processes and implementation of automation including cash tax planning;
  • Setting up data governance processes;
  • Setting up and implementing data quality projects;
  • Selecting and implementing technology for data quality;
  • Setting up and testing cyber security policy.

BDO Scope Reputation Management

In BDO Scope we cover topics that are very relevant to businesses who want to be and remain successful. This is based on theoretical research in the Netherlands and our global network, which we then combine with our knowledge and experiences. An issue of BDO Scope elaborates on the topic of reputation management, according to BDO one of the three challenges where your corporate agility will be very useful.