Proper Governance

Proper governance is becoming more and more complicated. On the one hand, regulations become stricter and your stakeholders demand complete transparency. On the other hand, it enables you to manage risks and identify opportunities. How do you comply with all the requirements and keep your business agile at the same time? BDO can help you find this balance.

Risk management as strategic instrument

Good insight into what causes risks can lead to opportunities and (international) competitive advantages. Identifying and anticipating risks properly is a powerful strategic instrument for businesses. Firstly, this requires a business to create risk awareness throughout the entire organisation.

BDO can help you with:

  • Determining your risk strategy and risk appetite;
  • Making risk awareness measurable at an individual, group and organisational level;
  • Identifying and assessing your most important strategic risks;
  • Translating risks into risk indicators and system data;
  • Drawing up and implementing scenario analyses and risk quantification;
  • Designing and setting up continuous risk monitoring systems;
  • Cosourcing and outsourcing of internal audit and risk management functions.

Effectively handling increasing degree of regulation

International businesses encounter more and more territorial regulations. It is necessary to have in-depth knowledge in areas such as reporting, internal control and anti-bribery and corruption in order to remain compliant and able to operate outside country boundaries. BDO can help you keep the costs involved manageable. This way compliance produces sustainable competitive advantages.

BDO can help you with:

  • Implementing compliance impact assessments;
  • Increasing effectiveness of compliance programmes;
  • Analysing compliance costs and savings potential;
  • Outsourcing of (inter)national compliance processes;
  • Design and set up compliance systems;
  • Cosourcing and outsourcing of compliance functions;
  • Optimising tax management.

The importance of stakeholder management

Businesses have to provide more and more accountability. To supervisory boards, regulatory bodies and governments, but also to society in general. Stakeholders have a great need for information and complete transparency is the new norm. Which is why BDO considers stakeholder management to be crucial for your organisation.

BDO can help you with:

  • Guidance on (self) evaluations of governing and supervisory boards;
  • Coaching and permanent education of governing and supervisory boards;
  • Second opinion analysis of board decisions;
  • Corporate governance assessment on the basis of current governance codes;
  • Drawing up profiles and recruitment and selection.