• Tax Risk Management

Professional advice on your internal tax processes

Ever since the financial crisis in the US and Europe, tax risk management has risen higher and higher on the agenda. Tax authorities worldwide are stringently examining tax risk management in large businesses and (semi) public organisations. Did you know that businesses often are not at all aware that they are not complying with tax requirements? If they are fortunate, they just get a reprimand, but it more commonly results in an additional assessment or fine. The damage to business reputation is often substantial.

The growing complexity of tax systems, both internationally and in the Netherlands in particular, is an extra reason for having sound Tax Risk Management. creating a greater need for tax management.

Tax Risk Management also provides opportunities. It is because of these complex regulations that businesses miss out on tax subsidies or facilities. All the more reason to consider Tax Risk Management.

A clear picture of Tax Risk Management

BDO can help you clarify and improve the tax risk management within your organisation, ensuring you remain in control. Our specialists review your tax position on the basis of critical questions, such as:

  • Are your tax processes documented?
  • Does your business adopt a proactive tax strategy?
  • Who is responsible for tax process management within your organisation?
  • Do they have the appropriate knowledge and experience? And if not, what training do they need?
  • Does your business even have sufficient capacity for sound Tax Risk Management?
  • Is tax process management an item on the agenda of the governing board?
  • Is your tax management system within your organisation subjected to periodic checks?

Our team of specialists have gained all their of tax risk management knowledge from our global BDO network. assuring you of the best advice and efficiently executed projects. BDO's personal approach you are familiar with is key.


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