Your payroll administration sorted with help from BDO

Recruiting or employing staff involves many obligations. You have to set up a payroll administration, check employees' identities, record data, deduct income tax and pay contributions. These rules may also apply if your employees are working outside the Netherlands.

If you hire staff or outsource work, you have to deal with various laws. For example, the Dutch act on chain and hiring liabilities (Wet keten- en inlenersaansprakelijkheid (WKA)) and the Labour Market Fraud (Bogus Schemes) Act (Wet aanpak schijnconstructies (WAS. It is sensible to always check whether the relevant personnel are not employed elsewhere, whether personnel are receiving sufficient pay and whether the correct taxes and contributions have been paid. Are you aware of the risks of additional tax assessments, liability claims or fines?

The BDO Payroll Tax Check

At BDO we can help you with BDO Payroll Tax Check, an online tool to check your payroll administration, hired staff and outsourced work. The tool consists of five separate modules:

  • Sector Check (sector classification)
  • "WKR Check" (work-related expenses scheme/secondary employment terms and remunerations)
  • "WKA/WAS Check" (working with third parties)
  • Personnel and payroll administration check
  • Wage cost subsidy check

The payroll tax check is the ideal tool if you:

  • doubt about whether your payroll taxes and contributions are correct;
  • want to limit or prevent risks involved in flexible employment;
  • want to transfer you organisation and provide security;
  • want security for yourself regarding the takeover of an organisation;
  • want to apply horizontal monitoring;
  • are subject to horizontal monitoring.

Do the Payroll Tax Check here (in Dutch).


If you want reassurance about your payroll? Or you would like to know what risks may affect you and what opportunities you are missing out on? Please contact one of our advisers for an introductory meeting without any obligation.