• Income tax and social security

Professional advice on payroll, income tax and social security issues

Every employer in the Netherlands pays wages, but there are more and more rules on income tax, social security, sector classification and liability claims to contend with. Businesses that are also active outside the Netherlands face even more laws and regulations. Hiring flexible workers or outsourcing work to self-employed contractors also involves extra risks. Due to the new Dutch Labour Market Fraud (Bogus Schemes) Act (WAS) replacing the former Declaration of Independent Contractor Status (VAR), employers/clients run more risks of fines and additional tax assessments.

At BDO we can help employers with all facets of payroll, income tax and social security. Our specialists can help you with questions such as:

  • Is my work-related expenses scheme favourable or does it need adjusting?
  • Does my business have the correct sector classification?
  • Am I missing out on wage cost subsidies?
  • Is my (inter)national payroll correct?
  • How do I improve my liaison with the tax authorities?

Our approach

At BDO you are assured of the most up-to-date knowledge regarding payroll, income tax and social security. Our specialists do not only advise on specific issues, but also regularly share their knowledge in workshops on general, workshops on general and recurring topics. For example, work-related expenses schemes and working with flexible workers. Every autumn we invite clients to national one-day seminars. where we deal with both professional developments and general topics such as employment law and retirement provisions.

Our specialists can help you with specific topics such as:

  • The BDO Payroll Tax Check (including Sector Check);
  • Applications for the 30% scheme for incoming employees, highly skilled migrant schemes and wage cost subsidies;
  • Setting up a salary split;
  • Assessing national and international obligations on contributions and insurance;
  • Agreements with the tax authorities and supporting audits;
  • Checking your payroll records;
  • Preparing model agreements for self-employed contractors;
  • In addition we provide open and in-house information and education meetings on current issues, such as the Work-related Expenses Scheme and working with third parties. In the autumn we organise national one-day seminars dealing with all the news in our area of expertise. Topics such as employment law and retirement provisions are part of the programme as well. For a seminar near you, check our events calendar.


If you would like to know how BDO can help you with payroll or other pay related issues? Please contact one of our specialists for an introductory meeting without any obligation.