• Corporate Responsibility Reports

Corporate Responsibility Reports

Socially responsible business practices make business sense. It is socially and environmentally more sustainable, more efficient and therefore (in the long term) more profitable, which sooner or later will be evident in your annual figures. Apart from results, it is good to show your customers and stakeholders what you do about your social responsibilities. BDO can help you with your corporate responsibility reports at any level. From an initial draft of the contents and format to a professional, thorough assessment of an existing report against today's standards.

There is no legal obligation to produce corporate responsibility reports, but precisely for this reason they are of great value to an organisation. Large, established businesses, medium-sized (family) businesses and investors use these to show that they accept their responsibilities for the world in which they operate. which serves as evidence of their sustainable image and reputation.

How can BDO help you?

If you already have a corporate responsibility report, BDO can perform a critical review: our accountants assess your data and the underlying systems and measuring methods, for example with regard to employee satisfaction and your CO2 emissions. We compare your data with the so-called GRI standards. and based on that we produce an audit opinion with tips and recommendations.

If corporate responsibility reports in your company are still in their infancy, our consultants can help you arrange the contents of your report, from your corporate responsibility vision and mission to crucial topics and chapters for your business.


Would you like to know how BDO can help you with setting up or reviewing your corporate responsibility reports? Please contact our specialists on telephone number: +31 20 543 21 00.