• Assurance

Reliable outsourcing

Clients of service organisations - such as property managers, data centres, IT-managers, pension providers and en SAAS providers - must feel confident that the supplied services are reliable and of a high quality. They want to be reassured by the service organisations that the financial investment pays out.

Assurance reports

The solution is assurance reports. The service organisation can use these to demonstrate that the business operations and service provision meet the agreements with the clients and are in accordance with current standards in this field. These standards have been known to change regularly. For example, specifically for IT-service organisations the Service Organisation Control report 2 (SOC 2) is the new norm since 2016. This replaces the well-known ISAE 3402 (also SOC 1), that still applies to other service organisations.

Frequently recurring questions about assurance reports are:

  • What should I do to achieve a reliable assurance report?
  • How long does the process prior to the assurance report take?
  • What is de impact of drawing up an assurance report on my organisation?

Our approach

At BDO we can help you with all types of Service Organisations Control assurance reports. Our specialists have access to the latest information about new standards and are well aware of the trends and developments. Thanks to their many years of experience you can fully rely on our expertise.


If you want to have a reliable and professional assurance report and want to know how to go about it? Please contact one of our assurance specialists.

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