Professional recruitment at management and board level

The performances, results and future of an organisation are inextricably linked to the capabilities and qualities of its employees. Each organisation is unique in this respect. Personnel requirements depend to a large extent on matters such as stage of life, market situation and organisational goals.

BDO Interim & Recruitment's approach is characterised by a strong emphasis on quality. This is evident from active involvement of all stakeholders and targeted use of tools (including in the field of assessment, background checks and references). Our field-specific experts make the real difference. They know their clients, the market requirements, and are sufficiently specified in their field to assess candidates properly.

Even if you are only looking for specific knowledge, skill or capacity on a temporary basis, you need to look no further. We have an extensive candidate database and provide continuity and substantive guarantees.

BDO Interim & Recruitment's advisers are specialised in both small businesses/family businesses and the public sector.


Would you like to know how BDO can help you resolve your (temporary) capacity issue? Please contact one of our advisers to arrange an introductory meeting without any obligation. Or visit our (Dutch) website BDO Recruitment Solutions.