Optimum personnel efficiency

Wage costs are almost always one of the major cost items for organisations. It is therefore important to control wage costs and make sure that investments in personnel are effective (what is the ROI on your wage bill?). The key question is also how to realise healthy personnel efficiency? The answer: a sharply defined HR policy that helps your organisation realise strategies and goals.

HR issues are moving more and more to the top of the agenda in organisations. At BDO we feel that this is a healthy development, because strategic choices are decisive factors for the shape and contents of HR policies. For example, topics such as:

  • development of employees;
  • remuneration of employees;
  • leadership.

HR managers have to deal with various challenges these days. For example, a rapidly changing employment market, amendments to laws and regulations and generational differences in the workplace. If you want your company to achieve optimum results, it is important that your HR policy can respond to these challenges.

Our services

At BDO we have many years of experience in translating strategy into an effective HR policy. Our HR consultants not only advise on substantive points but we also give you ideas on how to implement your HR policy within your organisation. This concerns matters such as assigning the HR function and development of leadership.

HR services we provide include:

  • Talent management programmes;
  • Leadership programmes;
  • Development of terms and conditions of employment policy;
  • Development of performance management systems;
  • Organisational structure;
  • Coaching;
  • HR Transformation (How do I structure my HR department?).


If you want to take your HR policy to a higher level? Please contact one of the HR specialists at BDO. We will be happy to discuss the options during an introductory meeting without any obligation.