• Risk

Taking risks responsibly

Doing business involves taking risks. But the risks you can take responsibly, change all the time. There is a new (business) economic reality. A reality that can no longer be taken for granted. A reality where we have to say goodbye to tried-and-tested recipes. A reality that will demand the utmost flexibility and creativity on a daily basis. For example, disruptive technology, geopolitical developments, society's short-termism and the rise of social media. This means that awareness of risks and the speed with which businesses are able to control risks are crucial for sustainable success.

Anticipation of external risks

At BDO we believe that risk management starts by knowing how much pain your organisation is able and willing to bear, so what your risk tolerance is. In addition, it is important that you pay specific attention to external risks. Research shows that 90% of risks with significant impact on an organisation's objectives are external risks. You must therefore think in scenarios, develop appropriate plans and bring the governance of your organisation in line with the most important risk areas.

Our services

A selection from our services:

  • Risk-Based Performance Management: integration of risk and performance management aimed at improving decision-making and predictability of results.
  • Cyber Risk Management: identify and manage your cyber risks and structure effective information security policy.
  • Governance & Compliance: optimisation of effective organisational control and monitoring, focussing on behaviour and culture.
  • Internal Audit: structure, co-sourcing and outsourcing of internal audit functions and carry out Quality Assurance Reviews


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