• Forensics & Litigation Support

Forensics & Litigation Support

Financial and economic crime, abbreviated as FEC, is a collective term for fraud, money-laundering, corruption and terrorism financing. FEC within your organisation is a serious matter. Your reputation is at stake. Even if you do not have any proof of FEC, but you do suspect it, it is crucial to act fast. A thorough and professional investigation would substantially minimise the damage that is caused to your reputation by irregular activities.

BDO Forensics & Litigation Support is an independent, professional organisation in the field of forensic services. Our consultants are specialised in solving complex issues. If there is (a suspicion of) FEC we use data analysis and interviews with persons involved to uncover the facts; we establish any infringements of rules and procedures, compile an overview of (infringing) transactions and the contents of contracts and provide advice on prevention of fraud or undesirable behaviour. Our advisers focus on both hard controls (rules, procedures) and soft controls that apply to the culture in your organisation and the behaviour of your employees.

Our consultants provide advice on:

  • Fraud investigation: an overview of infringements with regard to laws and regulations and reports on the relevant facts and circumstances.
  • Risk analysis on money-laundering and corruption.
  • Litigation support: support in financial and organisational conflicts for the purpose of legal procedures.
  • Forensic IT solution: resolving complex IT issues, collecting, securing and analysing (large quantities) of email / office data, and digital data analysis.
  • Analysis of risks against the background of international laws and regulations with regard to FEC, such as UK Bribery Act 2010, the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 and the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery against Foreign Public Officials.
  • Fraud risk management: assessing fraud risks, providing a clear picture of the behaviour and integrity of your employees and drawing up fraud control policies appropriate for your organisation.

At BDO Forensics & Litigation you are guaranteed of the very best service. Our consultants have extensive professional experience and work on set principles such as ensuring that all relevant parties are heard. We work in an efficient and effective manner, but meticulousness is our priority.


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