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17 September 2018

VAT on costs made for selling shares is not deductible in all cases. Under certain circumstances VAT is deductible. 

13 August 2018

Car companies, ride-hailing services and car industry technology suppliers each have their own prediction for when driverless cars will be ready to take to highways and city streets. I carried out an analysis of the predictions and found that driverless cars will arrive (drumroll, please): in...

13 August 2018

In general Nation-backed cyber-criminal activity stole the spotlight in a review of cyber activity during the first half of 2018.

26 June 2018

An amendment to the Dutch Bankruptcy Act strengthens the restructuring possibilities for companies.

31 May 2018

For the application of tax laws and treaties it is important to know whether you are regarded a tax resident of the Netherlands. Your tax residency determines whether you are taxed in the Netherlands based on your world-wide income or not and whether you have access to the Dutch Tax Treaties for...

16 May 2018

The government intends to reduce the term during which the 30% ruling can be applied, from the current 8 years to a 5 years maximum. The government aims to enact this change per 1 January 2019.

08 May 2018

WML regulates that employees must receive at least the minimum wage and also that employees have a basic entitlement to a minimum holiday allowance on their pay. From 1 January 2018, the minimum wage must also be paid in respect of additional hours and overtime.

15 March 2018

On March 13, 2018 the Mandatory disclosure scheme was adopted by the ECOFIN. This directive is part of the package adopted by the EU to combat tax avoidance.

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