Our clients

Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is het grootste Vertical Market Softwarebedrijf van de Benelux en is gespecialiseerd in de Healthcare, Local Government en de financiële dienstverlening.  Matthieu van Amerongen, CFO: The collaboration between TSS and BDO is going back more than 10 years. It started with due diligence work. and now BDO handles the group audit and reporting to the Canadian parent company. Also IT audit, tax advice and tax returns. BDO is an office that provides a fine standard of work and at the same time has a sufficiently practical approach to be able help us take care of business when it matters most. We get the job done whilst focusing on the same end result, you can feel that! The teams from a Big Four office often change but I really value continuity and the relationship with the team. Especially now that we are experiencing strong growth.'

Dialog Semiconductor is een grote speler op het gebied van halfgeleiders, sterk in innovatie en gespecialiseerd in energiebesparing, bijvoorbeeld voor smartphones. Ton van Gemert, manager Internal Audit: In all kinds of ways we are outgrowing our current situation. We experience growth on all fronts and all over the world. Not only due to increased demand but also because of product diversification resulting in a greater need for technical personnel. And because of acquisitions. This is why there is a strong focus on managing risks and improving internal processes. BDO understands us very well, which means together we quickly decide on what plan of action we are going to implement.

We work together with BDO in various areas, including outsourcing and internal audit. which work covers Europe, Asia and the USA. Using local BDO resources is practical, in view of different time zones and travelling time. But working together with a network organisation also has specific benefits. There is more knowledge on the ground. not only in respect of laws and regulations but also concerning our industry. This is particularly noticeable in the USA and Taiwan where BDO has built up extensive experience in the semi-conductor industry.

To us BDO is a sounding board we can quickly engage with. They complement us where we ourselves lack expertise, and at a personal level we are a perfect match. Because we speak the same language, we understand each other and are almost always on the same wavelength. It is nice to have BDO's hands-on mentality in this phase of our growth. Attention to Internal Audit and a separate Risk Management function are relatively new to our organisation and that requires our employees to think differently. We face this challenge together with BDO.'