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Advice on your retail business

How do I monitor my retail company's business goals? What developments affect my organisation? The retail sector is experiencing considerable changes. Growing competition means increasingly smaller margins, and bankruptcies are the order of the day. What challenges does your organisation face and how are you dealing with these? Our BDO Retail Sector Group specialists can support you in any situation; from acquiring a new label to selling a branch.

Strategic and operational level

At BDO you are assured of an integrated full-service approach; we combine the experience and expertise of our financial consultants with the specific knowledge of our specialists in retail, wholesale and franchise. Our services range from contributing strategic ideas to practical, financial advice. We deal with a wide range of issues including mergers, acquisitions, tax planning and (annual accounts) audits. But we can also help you with accountancy en outsourcing of retail accounting and reporting activities.

At BDO we believe that together with you we can take on the world: locally and internationally, online and offline. As retail sector specialist we closely follow trends and developments in your market. making sure we always have the correct knowledge in house to provide you with tailor-made advice. Involvement and personal relationships on the basis of trust are our main priorities. Thanks to our efficient support and trusted advice we have been market leader in the supermarket sector for many years.

Services for retail businesses

We can provide advice in areas such as:

  • reputation management
  • sustainability
  • omnichannel
  • internationalisation
  • process mining and big data
  • open to buy planning
  • real estate vision


If you have a retail issue or specific questions about wholesale, consumer products or supermarkets? Please contact our Retail Sector Group specialists. We would be happy to tell you more about BDO and our approach in an introductory meeting without any obligation.