• Public Sector

Public Sector

How can I get my organisation to work with a commercial approach whilst retaining social relevance? An important question not unfamiliar to the public sector. The sector is experiencing turbulent times. Changing expectations in society, spending cuts, changes in laws and regulations and developments in market forces throw up new challenges and issues.

Practical solutions with consideration for society

At BDO we understand that combining your social duties with trying to achieve efficient operations can often cause tensions. The complexity and the public context of issues within your organisation are extra incentives for us to assist you. Strong advice and practical solutions will help you arrive at effective operations and a more substantial or better social impact.

Our approach

Our specialist have the in-house knowledge to help you with your issues. We do this with a commercial approach and we have knowledge of your specific field and the public sector as a whole. In order to arrive at cross-sector solutions, our four sector groups for the public sector share experiences with each other. These sector groups are:


If you would like to know how BDO can help your public sector organisation? Please contact one of our BDO Public Sector specialists on telephone number +31 88 236 48 00 to arrange a meeting without any obligation.