Information Security

The world is digitising and housing associations are also becoming increasingly dependent upon IT systems. Housing association are controlling more and more of their tenants' personal information and the laws and regulations around information security are getting stricter by the minute. Not being in control exposes you to substantial risks. Information security is not just about information technology, it requires modifications at every level: strategic, tactical and operational.


There is much commotion around data security in the public sector. Time and time again organisations still appear to have little grip on the increasing flow of digital personal data to be able to guarantee that these data are truly safe. Stricter regulations in the form of the Dutch Data Leaks (Reporting Obligation) Act (Wmd) and an even more stringent European Privacy Regulation that is imminent, make it important do deal with this issue urgently.


If you would like to know more about information security for housing associations? BDO has carried out a review and will soon publish a review report on this subject. If you would like to receive the full report? Please contact one of our Housing Association Sector Group specialists on telephone number +31 88 236 48 00 to arrange a meeting without any obligation.