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How do I increase the profits of my hospitality business? What risks should I take into account? What opportunities can I exploit? Most hospitality businesses asks themselves these questions. After a considerable slump at the time of the crisis, the hospitality and leisure industry in the Netherlands is vibrant as never before. In recent years the total turnover of hotels, restaurants and bars in the Netherlands showed a stronger increase than in other European countries.

These positive figures should not persuade hospitality businesses to sit back and relax. Consumers are critical and their requests vary: they want things to be different, nicer, more comfortable and cheaper. This requires creativity, cooperation and extra service. A good business plan is therefore essential. At BDO we have the necessary experience and. together with you we look at all the options and opportunities.

Broad sector knowledge and expertise

At BDO you are assured of broad sector knowledge and expertise. Our Hospitality & Leisure Sector Group consists of specialist in various areas, for example in the area of real estate, buying and selling, VAT, franchising and family businesses. If you have a specific business issue? BDO is the right place to get advice. Our client portfolio includes high-quality hotel (chains), restaurants, leisure parks, bars and other hospitality businesses. We speak in the same language as hospital businesses, and we know what is happening in your kitchen.

To keep a close eye on the developments in the Dutch hospitality and leisure industry, the BDO Hospitality & Leisure Sector Group works together with the restaurant associations Alliance Gastronomique and JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe. Our co-operation partners also include hospitality suppliers such as Van Duijnen Horeca Service and Eijsink Afrekensystemen.

Innovative services for hospitality businesses

We provide innovative services to retain control over your hospitality business. These services include:

  • insight into the (potential) earnings performance of your business with periodic reports in the BDO Focus Dashboard;
  • insight into your risks and opportunities (strategy, purchasing & gross margin, personnel, laws and regulations, finances and taxation) in combination with softer side (sustainability, product & hospitality and visitor experience) of business, by using our Hospitality Monitor;
  • advice and support in the field of business automation (automatic links to cash payment systems, payroll administration and financial administration).


If you would like to know how BDO can help your hospitality business? please contact our Hospitality & Leisure Industry Sector Group specialists to arrange an introductory meeting without any obligation.