Never before were there so many developments within the healthcare sector. Future revenues are no longer a given, in fact they are now an uncertain factor. The changes currently taking place affect your strategic, tactical and operational management. How do your remain financially healthy in turbulent times?

BDO Healthcare Transition Scan

If you would like to know whether you have a clear picture of all changes and their impact? You can use the Healthcare Transition Scan (in Dutch) BDO developed for this purpose. After completion you receive a link to a report. that shows an analysis of comparable benchmark data - the wider healthcare market and your specific sector - plus clear advice. This provides you with a unique, specific and reliable picture of the situation in your institution and the most important action points your institution can work on straight away.

Control shrinkage

It is a well-known fact that the healthcare sector is having to deal with declining income due to market forces and a reduction in government funds. Most institutions realise therefore that they have to take measures. Maintaining control over costs is essential. How do you tackle this in a structural manner? Ad hoc cost-cutting measures will only achieve a short-term effect, and it is therefore necessary to find a future-proof solution. BDO developed the Control Shrinkage Programme especially for healthcare institutions. The programme integrates the following components: personnel, business models and smarter working methods.


If you would like advice and support in converting your plans into concrete actions and structural changes? Please contact one of our Healthcare Sector Group specialists on telephone number +31 88 236 48 03 to arrange a meeting without any obligation.