Commercial Approach

The traditional concept of saving costs by reducing the budget or focusing on objectives at a functional level is outdated. It has a negative effect on work pressure and quality of care. Increasing efficiency on the basis of process improvement is much more suited to the circumstances in the healthcare sector. How can you make sure that process improvement leads to better results?

Focusdashboard for healthcare professionals

Independent healthcare professionals and partnerships, such as general practitioners, dentists and physiotherapists, also face stricter regulations and declining demand for healthcare. How do you keep track of the financial health of your practice in these uncertain times? And how do you make sure that you take the correct measures in time to improve revenue? Insight into your own performances is one of the key requirements. This is exactly what the BDO Focus Dashboard can offer you. The Focus Dashboard also provides an overview of how a practice performs in relation to other practices via an online benchmark. This way you can keep track of the performances in your practice and, if necessary, make adjustments quicker and take measures to maintain optimum performances.

Outsourcing package for medical specialists

Since the introduction of comprehensive rates on 1 January 2015, most medical specialists no longer qualify as entrepreneur in relation to income tax. In many hospitals and independent treatment centres, medical specialist businesses (MSBs) have been set up and medical specialists take part through their own limited company. This means that medical specialists are faced with all kinds of financial and administrative obligations. BDO has considerable experience in providing intensive tax support to medical specialists.


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