Insight into performances in hospitals and healthcare institutions is important to BDO. not only to improve our advice, but mainly to enable you to assess and compare the performances in your institution. We research the development of financial performances of general hospitals on an annual basis and present the results and a ranking in the BDO Hospital Benchmark. In addition we provide healthcare institutions with the opportunity to compare their performances with a tailor-made BDO Care Benchmark.

BDO Hospital Benchmark

The BDO Hospital Benchmark is not just to provide a general picture, we also want to be involved in improving the resilience of hospitals. This is why we break the results down into sizes and individual hospitals. which means managers can make comparisons and find inspiration from each other's best practices. For a bit more background we first put our results to a number of hospital managers and. their response and frank information about their own financial policies are included in the report.

Download the BDO Hospital Benchmarks (in Dutch) of recent years:

BDO Care Benchmark

Healthcare institutions face major challenges; processes must be optimised to achieve better control over business operations. This requires insight into the most important performance indicators. A benchmark is an excellent tool to identify potential improvement areas and to be able to control and adjust more effectively. BDO has developed a tailor-made benchmark to help you gain insight into your organisation's financial performance in comparison to other healthcare institutions.


If you would like to know the state of your healthcare institution? Request a tailor-made BDO Care Benchmark now. If you would like to know more about the BDO Hospital Benchmark or the BDO Care Benchmark? Please contact one of our Care Sector Group specialists on telephone number +31 88 236 48 03 to arrange a meeting without any obligation.