Tax support by BDO

As the driving force behind the family business, you have to deal with a range of issues every day. No doubt there will be some tax matters that require your attention. The combination of taxation and business succession is a major issue, in particular now tax-friendly business transfers in inheritance tax legislation are in the spotlight again.

Taxes on commercial real estate and investments form an important item for consideration within the structure of your family business. If the following generation (or an external party) is not gifted the business but pays the purchase price, a lot of different (tax) aspects will come into play.

Tax issues

Are you struggling with taxation issues within your family business? BDO can help you with all your tax questions, such as:

  • Should I rent out the commercial real estate to the business privately or definitely not?
  • How beneficial is it to gift my business, and will I be left with enough?
  • If gifting is not an option, what (tax) options do I have in the case of a transfer?
  • What should I do if my successor cannot pay in one go?
  • Do I have to draw up a will or update the current one?
  • Not all of my children are intended business successors. How do I take this into account?

Our services

Our tax experts have many years of experience in advising family businesses and are therefore able as no other to support you in a professional manner. We never lose sight of the position of your business within the family. Our advisers are extremely well-informed about the tax laws and regulations. We always aim for tax-friendly business transfers and know the legal time frames for the most tax-effective result. Together with you, we discuss the future and help you, where necessary, to adjust the business structure. This is how we ensure that you can make well-considered decisions and avoid any tax surprises.

Our specialists provide you with advice on:

  • Tax options regarding transfers (business succession scheme);
  • Tax aspects in respect of investments and real estate;
  • Ownership structure and strategy;
  • Gifts;
  • Earn-in arrangements.


If you would like more insight into tax opportunities and items for consideration in respect of a (future) business transfer, please contact one of our specialists for an introductory meeting without any obligation.