Professional, managerial support from BDO

Entrepreneurship and good management are often at odds with one another, which is also the case within family businesses. The autonomy, speed and sometimes impulsiveness you want to apply as entrepreneur, often come into conflict with aspects such as transparency, prudence, reflection and monitoring requirements. Matters that are characteristic of good management. What is the correct balance between family interests and business interests within a family business? And how do you safeguard this balance?

All the social developments with regard to integrity and transparency make it essential for a professional family business to have a sound management structure. Good management is necessary to safeguard all of the interests of the family ('Next Gen'), owners and the business in a balanced manner.

Our services

We can help you manage your family business. Our expert consultants each have many years of experience in advising family businesses. They are able to help you with all your issues. Our knowledge extends over various areas, from finances, legal advice, tax laws and regulations to psychology. What characterises our work method is having a pragmatic and a personal approach.

BDO specialists can help you with:

  • Analysis of current management/(family) governance;
  • Development of a new Good Management Blueprint incl. decision-making procedures;
  • Stakeholder management for good management support base;
  • (Legal) interpretation of good management (contracts, regulations, etc.);
  • Staffing of management bodies (Supervisory Board etc.);
  • Setting up a family council;
  • Safeguards in a family charter;
  • Setting up a Next Gen programme.


If you need support with regard to the management of your family business, please contact one of our advisers for an introductory meeting without any obligation.