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Entrepreneurs in the automotive sector are experiencing turbulent times. The market is in full swing and the revenue model is under pressure. Fewer new cars are sold. Garages experience pressure due to longer maintenance intervals, less damages and growing competition from universal car companies.

Frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs in the automotive sector include:

  • how do I, as a dealer holding company, get the most out of all my outlets?
  • do the takeover candidates add sufficiently to my business and am I able to manage such a growth?
  • will it be more sensible to sell my dealership or to transfer the business to my children?
  • what risks are involved in the contracts I conclude with the importer?

Tailor-made professional advice

In this challenging market the BDO Automotive Sector Group can help you find the right focus. Our specialists are very familiar with your sector and provide tailor-made advice. As a trusted adviser, we do not purely focus on figures, it is the story behind your figures that is also important to us. We always consider risks as well as opportunities. Our professional, critical approach enables us to help you take the right decisions.

Our services

Our services include:

  • a risk scan of your administrative processes quality;
  • the Dealer Risk Monitor;
  • HR solutions for restructuring or company closure;
  • tax incentive measures;
  • revenue monitor;
  • property advice;
  • advice for family businesses;
  • advice on purchase and sale.


If you would like to know how BDO can help your automotive business? Please contact our Automotive Sector Group specialists to arrange an introductory meeting without any obligation.