• Organisational Structure

BDO Organisational Structure

BDO has more than 1,500 establishments in 162 countries. In total we employ almost 74,000 specialists in the field of audits, annual accounts audits, tax matters and business finance.

BDO Holding B.V. is a member of BDO International Ltd, a limited liability corporation that is a legal entity under English law, and is part of the global network of legally independent organisations that operate under the name 'BDO;. Together they form the BDO network.

The services are coordinated by Brussels Worldwide Services BVBA.

BDO International Limited, Brussels Worldwide Services BVBA and the member firms are all separate legal entities and are not liable for each other's actions or omissions. Nothing in the provisions or regulations within the BDO network forms or implies a relationship in the form of representation or partnership between BDO International Limited, Brussels Worldwide Services BVBA and/or the member firms of the BDO network.