Supervisory Board

Since 1 May 2016 BDO has an external Supervisory Board. This is in line with the measures as set out by the Future of the Accountants Profession Work Group of the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, in which BDO was closely involved. The Supervisory Board supervises the policies of the Governing Board and the general affairs within the BDO organisation as a whole and has specific tasks with regard to supervision in the field of Audit & Assurance.

The Supervisory Board consists of:

  • Mr. A.P.H. (Ton) Rutgrink (chair)
  • Ms B.J.M. (Bernadette) Langius
  • Mr. P.A.M. (Paul) Thijssen
  • Ms T.H.A.J. (Dorine) Burmanje
  • Mr. D.J. (Dennis) Raithel