Transparency Report

The accountancy sector is evolving rapidly. Organisations work hard on regaining public confidence in their services and products. taking quality consideration and strengthening governance structure as a starting point. These are also turbulent times for BDO. We are on the right track, but have not yet reached our goal.

Our strategic plan for 2016-2020 named: 'Room to Grow' explains how BDO sees its development as service provider in the next five years. Our goals include a high-quality and innovative business culture where people are stimulated to reach their potential. We apply these goals to all our services. In our Exceptional Client Service vision you can read how we apply this top quality to maintaining our client relationships.

Intrinsic motivation

High-quality services, both for existing and new clients, are a top priority for BDO. We are aware that the reputation of the BDO brand is intrinsically linked to the trust in and position of our accountants. which is why we require our professionals to not only be service providers but also trusted persons in their environment. We want them to be intrinsically motivated to do 'the right thing', not only for clients and stakeholders, but also for society,

which objective we, as a company, are happy to support. For this purpose we support thorough root cause analyses, improve quality monitoring and widen the dialogue with the leadership team of the international network. The latter is crucial because we can only improve if our entire international network moves in the same direction. We are very proud of the fact the BDO Netherlands is one of the leaders in audit quality worldwide. a role we want to enhance further with our change programme.

Working on culture and behaviour

In order to remove any remaining obstacles for further quality development, we are currently working hard on our culture and the behaviour of our partners and employees. We believe that we are on the right track to fully regain the confidence of our stakeholders.

More information

You can read more in our transparency report. which explains our strategy, change vision and quality control system.

Download the 2016 Transparency Report (in Dutch).