Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA) monitor

In September 2014 the Future of the Accountants Profession Work Group presented a report with reform measures aimed at improving confidence in and quality of the sector. BDO recognises that these measures are important for regaining confidence in the sector and has started implementing these. The measures contribute to strengthening the organisation and to further creation of an environment where quality-oriented behaviour is the guiding principle.

In addition to the implementation of the measures proposed by the Future of the Accountants Profession Work Group, BDO entered into an exclusive strategic collaboration with the Nyenrode Business University in 2015. BDO audit partners and senior managers follow master classes and work with Nyenrode on business cases regarding topics including adaptability, culture and leadership. An external Advisory Board is closely involved during the entire process. This Advisory Board was appointed to support the ambitions of BDO's programme and act as a sounding board.


The most important results BDO hopes to achieve with the Partner Academy, are changes in the 'tone-at-the-top', partners leading by example and showing adaptability. The partners are an important example for the rest of the BDO organisation, they predominantly determine the tone-at-the-top. A next step in this process is culture change in our employees. It is our ambition to introduce important elements from the partner academy into the training programmes for our employees.

For a full overview of the measures and their progress, we refer you to the (Dutch) Public Interest NBA Monitor.